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This idiom can be used to talk about actual things, relationships, or even concepts like advantages and disadvantages. It is better to have one certain relationship rather than risk it by cheating with more; it is better to have a lesser but more certain advantage than the possibility of a greater one that may not actually come to fruition; it is better to take a smaller but certain return on investment than the possibility of a greater one that may never come to be.

The moral of this idiom is to not be greedy. The phrase, as we see it today, predates its first known publication, which appeared in the A Hand-book of Proverbs, written by John Ray. However, we can find variations of the phrase long before that in various sources, including this English translation from the Latin Bible:. Nowadays, this expression is most often heard in the job sphere, where people warn against making risky deals, taking new positions, or trying to expand.

A Bird In The Hand | Kate Bush Encyclopedia

Even Tigger understands this, according to him. Stan and Heff bring a bed, and this is where Kessie begins to demand for many things: warm milk, a bedtime story, and even some of the honey ransom.

This is where Rabbit realizes that she has been acting more like him than he is. When Kessie starts demanding said honey ransom, she insists on enjoying some from a small honey pot at the bottom of the pile. While Heff is hesitant, Stan convinces him to give her exactly what she wants. When Heff takes the pot from the bottom, there is a cut to outside of the cave where the viewer can hear a crash and suddenly see a long trail of honey flowing from the cave.

Stan and Heff are stuck within the sticky mess and Tigger asks Rabbit if he thinks they should help them. Rabbit and Kessie leave the cave, where Rabbit thanked her for saving them.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A Bird in the Hand. Contents [ show ]. Continue reading at your own risk. Stan and Heff covered in honey.

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Rabbit and Stan the Woozle.