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  1. A Choreographer's Handbook by Jonathan Burrows (Paperback, 2010)
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Routine Breakdown Ep1-A Cheer Dance

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A Choreographer's Handbook by Jonathan Burrows (Paperback, 2010)

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A Choreographer's Handbook by Jonathan Burrows (Paperback, 2010)

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  • All Choreographers are required to read the following:.

Kunst, Bojana Kruschkova, Krassimira ed. Vienna: Tanzquartier Vienna. Launay, Isabelle, and Charmatz, Boris Paris: Centre national de la danse. Hochmuth, K. Kruschkova, G. Frankfurt: Revolver. Exhausting Dance: Performance and the Politics of Movement. Linehan, Daniel Martin, John The Modern Dance. Martin, Randy Piercey, Robert Ploebst, Helmut Munich: K. Portanova, Stamatia Protopapa, Efrosini Reinelt, Janelle and Joseph Roach Sabisch, Petra Siegmund, Gerald Patton, Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.

Zepke, Stephen London: Routledge. Reproduction Related Papers. By Bojana Cvejic. By Erin D Brannigan. Dance Studies Association Conference. Contra: dance and conflict. University of Malta. Valetta Campus, July Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Because the Dance Ensemble participant numbers have grown so greatly in the past couple of years, the number of people in your dance may be different from your requested number.

There are situations where we cannot give as many dancers as requested, or we may have to give more. Leading more dancers provides a new challenge, as does a fewer amount. We believe in each of our choreographers and their leading ability! These are to keep lines of communication open between the DE board and choreographers.

At each meeting different topics will be covered such as upcoming events and timelines. If there are any concerns, questions, or comments, this is the perfect time to talk with the board!

Download A Choreographer's Handbook book - tadildilendown59 -

Also, please notify the board if you are unable to attend, or will arrive late. Keep this in mind for all Dance Ensemble events. If you are unable to attend or have any other scheduling conflicts, be sure to let the board know. In this case, leave any necessary materials with another choreographer, board member, or dancer.

All expectations also apply to soloists.

You will be notified about meeting dates and times. Soloists are still considered as much of a choreographer as any other involved in DE because they are still creating a piece for the same reason, the DE show! For future reference, please remember that soloists also need to audition their piece at the same time of all other choreographer auditions.

Because of the size of our show, we must limit solo performances including duets, and trios to seniors or last semester participants only. If there are any questions regarding this, please feel free to speak with the board. Senior pieces follow all the same protocol as other auditioned choreography, however we highly recommend giving the board a list of your desired dancers at auditions.

We will try to accommodate this list as well as we can. This is to make the show order more accommodating to all participants. However, there are very rare exceptions. A dancer may dance in five dances if that fifth dance is an academic piece presented from classes, or part of an outside organization performing in the DE show ie. However, this is strongly advised against! It is possible for a dancer to be in four pieces and choreograph a different dance if they are not participating in their own piece.

This will keep them under the 4-dance limit. This is also to give all dancers the potential for equal involvement in the Dance Ensemble show.

Department Handbook

We expect you to honor your commitments and follow through with the piece you auditioned and we accepted into the program. In the event that you feel you have to drop your dance, please contact the board so we can work out an alternative to you dropping your position as a choreographer. Dropping you dance is NOT acceptable, and will be treated as such. You may not drop your dance before your dancers can drop your dance, and no reason will be accepted as excusable. In the event that you do need to drop your dance and cannot find an alternative with the board, you will not be allowed to choreograph for the following two semesters, regardless of what term it is.

You dropping your dance forces your entire group out of dance ensemble and often it will be too late to recast them. Best bet- in the case you feel overwhelmed, contact the board, we can help, and will. Please monitor movement and remember that this is a family show! We do not want anything too sexual or inappropriate, everything is to be PG rated. - Main Navigation

If this becomes an issue, you will have to change the choreography. If you ignore the suggestion to change choreography, you will be at risk to being put on probation or having the dance removed from the show. We, the DE board, will ask you to cut the song shorter if it is above , for the reasons listed previously. Always remember to have fun! You MUST choreograph before practices- and not just in your head-so it all works out.

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  7. Feel free to work with your dancers to see what does or does not work or feel comfortable to them. Remember dancers can be just as busy as you!


    If a dancer misses 2 practices, they can be dismissed from the dance at the choreographer's discretion. On the contrary, a dancer may not be kicked out for missing less than 2 practices, personal reasons or lack of skill. If there are any issues, please speak with the board members. However, the 2 missed practices must be from the regularly schedule practice, not additional practices. Also remember that cutting a dancer at the last minute may put more pressure on yourself and the other dancers. In order to keep track of current members throughout the semester, we have set up an attendance system that is required to be used.

    I did not know what to expect when I ordered this little gem on-line. I am presently working on a large piece of dance theater and I really found this book to be helpful and encouraging. It's unusual style added to the push to think more creatively. It gave me new found bravery! September 13, - Published on Amazon. Great read! December 26, - Published on Amazon. If you don't know what to get the budding choreographer in your life, this might be the one. It's an inspiring book.

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    4. As a teacher and choreographer. March 2, - Published on Amazon. I was disappointed. As a teacher and choreographer, I was expecting this book to be more like a TOOL or guideline, rather than a scatter-brained collection of the authors opinion on choreographing. Go to Amazon.