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In the summer of two cases of violence emphasised the fact that the problem of intolerance is not a dormant or discursive one any more. On 4 June a meeting was organised in support of human rights of Asian immigrants in Bulgaria. A group of several young people headed for the meeting were stalked in a public transport tram and publicly beaten up with metal posts by fifteen neo-Nazis.

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The human rights meeting itself was attended by only participants. Another case in line with growing racism is the group beating of Roma by neo-Nazis in close proximity to the Presidency building in central Sofia on 11 June However, the tendency towards intolerance and aggression is not checked and is the most popular cause in Bulgarian Facebook life.

However, the case has provoked official reaction against hate speech, with an emphasis on hate speech on the internet. This official response is needed, since a lot of the street aggression against Roma was initiated on Facebook and online forums.

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Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev has ordered that the prosecution of hate crimes be intensified, which should have been current police practice if Bulgarian law was abided by anyway. According to Articles and of the Criminal Code, hate speech and provocation of aggression in written or oral form, including online communication, is a criminal offence, subject to a fine of BGN 5, to 10, approx. EUR 2, to 5, and incarceration of two to four years. Online media and forums should cooperate with police to enforce the illegality of online hate speech.

However, prosecution against hate speech is often opposed on the grounds of the right of freedom of expression when specific cases are investigated, and priorities between these different human rights are never clearly set. According to the Bulgarian Constitutional Court, freedom of speech should be granted to all kinds of ideas, including shocking and offensive ones. Because of this Bulgaria still needs public debate and regulation of freedom of speech and its limitations in cases when other basic human rights are concerned.

The Bulgarian perspective on the internet as a basic human right: The right to access vs. Since the world has been celebrating the power of the internet as a tool for mass protest movements in Egypt, Libya, etc.

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However, Bulgaria still suffers from self-censorship in online communication and passive activism of internet users — mainly due to internet privacy issues and legal and illegal state surveillance. In a broader perspective, the EU context of the right to access is fighting a powerful counterforce that argues the necessity of state intervention for internet security. This paradigm presumes the internet is intrinsically a tool for cyber crime and violating others' rights e.

Since this has been continued. One is the data used by the security services for the purposes of their operational activities, and another is the access of the prosecutors and investigative services for the purpose of specific criminal proceeding. The two types of access are treated differently — the first one requires a court warrant and the second not. Thus, the standard for securing the rights of individuals is lower than before the amendments to the ECA.

Far Beneath the European Average: The treatment of Afghan migrants in Bulgaria

Given this background, Bulgaria's concern with internet rights is quite different from the surging global cry for securing internet access as a tool for human rights movements. The main forms of exploitation are labour and sexual exploitation. Cyber-crime in Bulgaria is an increasing threat, particularly cyber enabled financial crime with Bulgaria retaining its role as an intermediary point in the transfer of funds of suspicious origin. Bulgaria is a source country for some synthetic drugs and a transit country on the Balkan route for some Class A drugs, notably heroin that originates further East.

Significant numbers of forged ID documents, used in Bulgaria and beyond, are known to originate in Bulgaria. The country is still subject to monitoring by the European Commission for its shortcomings in the area of combating organised crime see more in Section 3 - Bribery and Corruption above. Read the information provided on our Organised crime page page. In Bulgaria intellectual property is protected by either Bulgarian law or international treaties.

Bulgaria - Child Marriage Around The World. Girls Not Brides

Although Bulgarian law protects intellectual property rights, enforcement is sometimes a challenge. Email: bpo bpo. For information on registering your Trademark in Bulgaria, you should contact the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market. Read the information provided on our Intellectual Property page. To help us improve GOV. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in.

US State Department: Bulgarian government actions against human rights abusers ‘insufficient’

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Home Overseas Business Risk - Bulgaria. Department for International Trade. Contents 1. Politics 2. Economics 3. Human Rights 4. Bribery and Corruption 5. Terrorism Threat 6. Protective Security and Organised Crime 7. Intellectual Property 8. Contact us 9. Useful links. Politics 1. Economics 2. Levels of poverty, social exclusion and income inequality are still among the highest in the EU.

Economic growth remains robust and the labour market continues to perform well. Real Gross Domestic Product is expected to increase by 3. Despite its relatively good overall economic performance, Bulgaria has been slow to catch up with the rest of the EU. Budgetary developments remain positive.

The supportive overall economic situation and a generally prudent approach to government finances are expected to lead to sustained budget surpluses until Investment in skills, social cohesion, infrastructure, and research and innovation is needed to support competitiveness, productivity and the process of catching up with the rest of the EU.

There has been substantial progress in taking measures to follow up on the financial sector reviews. There has been some progress in: improving tax collection and public spending, including by stepping up enforcement of measures to reduce the extent of the informal economy; implementing supervisory action plans in the financial sector and ensuring adequate valuation of assets, including collateral held by banks; making disadvantaged groups more employable by strengthening measures to get them into work or training and improving their skills; providing quality and inclusive mainstream education however, measures to address the particular situation of Roma and other disadvantaged groups are lagging behind.

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Regarding progress towards its national targets under the Europe strategy, Bulgaria is expected to achieve its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the share of renewable energy. Bulgaria faces challenges on a number of indicators of the Social Scoreboard supporting the European Pillar of Social Rights. Bulgaria still has one of the highest shares of people living at risk of poverty or social exclusion, as well as high levels of income inequality.

The main findings of the in-depth review contained in this report are as follows: The banking sector has been strengthened overall, but some vulnerabilities remain. The reform of non-bank supervision has continued. The private sector is reducing its debt, but the level remains high. The labour market has improved, supported by economic growth. The employment rate reached The social protection system is insufficient to tackle the significant social issues. The education system is being modernised at all levels but significant challenges remain.

Many Bulgarians still face significant obstacles in accessing healthcare. The government has been criticised by NGOs for addressing child marriage from an ethnic Romani perspective rather than addressing it as a broader gender problem. The minimum age for marriage is 18 for women and men. Under the Family Code , in exceptional cases, a person can enter into marriage at 16 with judicial consent. European Roma and Travellers Forum, Making early marriage in Roma communities a global concern , , accessed May Pew Research Center, Marriage laws around the world , , accessed May UN Child Rights Committee, Concluding observations on the combined third to fifth periodic reports of Bulgaria , , p.

What's the child marriage rate? How big of an issue is child marriage? There is no publicly available government data on child marriage in Bulgaria. Are there country-specific drivers of child marriage in this country? In Bulgaria, child marriage is also driven by: Traditional customs: Some parents from Horahane Roma groups in Eastern Bulgaria reportedly marry off their daughters because they are scared they might be stolen.