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  1. Pipers Way bus lane and pedestrian-cycle way improvements – Swindon Travel Choices
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Make a pledge for a prosperous Sandwell. Sandwell Council is reaching out to its communities and asking them to help make the borough the best it can be.

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Opportunity for residents to Ask Andy at public event in West Bromwich. Load more stories. Sign up to receive updates:.

Pipers Way bus lane and pedestrian-cycle way improvements – Swindon Travel Choices

Please tick this box to confirm that you wish to receive regular updates and information from the Black Country LEP. Please note you will be able to unsubscribe at any time. Geoff Seymour was the first council member to express concerns about the location. It's nestled between Water Street and George Mercer, which both intersect with Conception Bay Highway, as does Country Road, whose entry point is directly across from the new Pipers location.

Powell's Supermarket has an access point directly across from Water Street. Pipers is going to put a lot more volume of traffic there, I'd think, than Atlantic Restaurant Supplies. Deputy-Mayor Walter Yetman agreed the issue merits further discussion and suggested the town's planning and development committee could investigate further and perhaps even meet with representatives from Pipers.

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Councillors agreed, upon approval of the application, to also refer the matter to planning. Mayor Philip Wood noted the location was previously home of the Wescal department store and has a history as a site for retail businesses.

That said, Wood said he could see no harm in monitoring the traffic situation in the area and meeting with Pipers. Dean Franey said his main concern with the addition of Pipers would be its coexistence with the Water Street-Conception Bay Highway intersection, adding there may be a need to consider making changes to traffic rules in the area.


The Quartermaster has issued you a uniform: Glengarry hat , tie, shirt, sporran a. Just concentrate on the music.

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We recommend low tide for obvious reasons. So, you can play the massed-band sets, you can march, and are learning new tunes all the time. As a member of a recognised band, you can enter and compete, either as part of our competition band or as an individual. It will help if you have a Windows-compatible computer, e-mail, and internet access so we can keep in touch with you.

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